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Scams Amidst Covid-19 Fears

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With my passion for using puppets to depict situations, along with my articles, it is my hope you find this content informative and helpful.

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The Covid-19 Fears exposes a new low for Scammers
Scam artists has the practice of observing worldly events; studying trends in order to prosper in a specific market. 
This is common during the Christmas season when they target the elderly with a grandparent scam in where they pose as a grandchild in need of financial help as a result of an arrest, hospitalization, or vehicle accident. 
Now, with the spread of coronavirus fears on an alarming level, these fraudulent predators are manipulating an assortment of mediums to reap monetary gain…
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An Upcoming Educational Web Series Focusing on Scams

Lets face it. An educational lecture on any sensitive topic could still be boring.

The subject of scams is no exception. This is a global problem that will never go away in it's entirely.

As our technology get better, so will the skills of scammers to access our sensitive data for financial gain.

A Creative Passion blended with a Self Call to Action Recently, I came up with a terrific fun idea with spreading world about cyber security awareness. It's purely educational but includes specks of entertainment.


Yes, I find this endeavor challenging and exciting to pass on what I learn on a continuous basis!

This is the introduction to my Youtube Channel that will eventually be home to many cyber security awareness videos

An Unlikely Pair... The setting takes place in a fictional radio station. It stars host Cyber Sly, a former scammer, and cohost Alexander Midas, a former business man who's business crumpled after a cyber attacker accessed his customer's banking …

Scam Call Centers and Malware

Call Center Scams Utter lies to foster fear orchestrated by call center scams are costing Canadians millions of dollars.

Think about that for a moment.

Can you imagine how much computer criminals are making on a global scale considering huge losses in Canada?

Three years ago, investigative reporter Kevin Newman trekked to India and came across a massive call center scam targeting Canada. Thousands of Canadians were fooled into thinking they owed money to the Canada Revenue Agency.

While this story does not unravel in the U.S, I find it an invaluable piece of reporting that provides an inside look into how scams generally unravel. No country is immune from it.

This video includes interviews with schemers who were caught, victims, India's law enforcement, and diverse accounts offers an insight into this deceitful trade cleave upon by cold and calculating cyber attackers who stop at nothing to get what they want.

MalwareAt one time or another I’m sure most of us stumbled upon myster…

Social Engineering Tactics on a Global Scale

It is to our benefit to fathom the tentacles of social engineering tactics introduce by cyber attacker on a daily basis. Far and wide Investigations by Interpol, FBI, and the Toronto police revealed how deceptive participants are networking and exchanging information on how to be better at what they do (check out the video far below). 
Several years ago, when I was oblivious to basic terminologies related to cyber security, I knew very little about social engineering orchestrated by cyber attackers. I thought it was a practice initiated by computer experts to combat viruses. Since I was no expert on such systems, I spent years with no interest in educating myself on technological systems. 
It took me a long time to understand; but learning the basics of closing the door on cyber criminals in restricting access to systems or information does not require a profound knowledge of computers. 
Social Engineering is actually a tactic to trick people into doing something they should not do, such…

Holiday Scams

Every year while we fulfill our appetites with turkey and ham during the Thanksgiving holiday, cyber attackers stuff their naughty heads with ways to steal away our financial information or identity.

Holiday scams are highly prevalent from Black Friday throughout Christmas.

Our needs and desires during the winter solstice is at its peak while we are rushing to get things done. Balancing our priorities tend to knock us off focus and this deficiency makes us vulnerable to hackers.

Robocalls is only part of their Modus Operandi. Their unseen tentacles can strike from any direction. The best way to maximize our defenses is to understand and expect the type of online scams they will orchestrate.

Lets examine some of these crocked methods and the best practice we can apply in being proactive against cyber predators.

Phoney Websites Unsolicited emails of a good deal is a tool by cyber attackers to trick victims into downloading malware. Their objective is to steal your identity and take you…

Social Engineering is a Trick

What in the World is Social Engineering? In the way a magician uses timing and diversion to fool an audience, a cyber attacker can apply social engineering tactics to trick you into sharing sensitive data. Within the cyber security world, it is regarded as the art of human manipulation.

The objectives of these criminals are to fool you in doing the following-

opening an infected email attachmentsharing passwordsallowing a stranger into a physically secure areasending sensitive information Technology alone can't stop these computer criminals from using various methods such as phone calls, text messages, emails, social media access, and physical presence from getting their hands on information they should not have access to. 
Examples of Techniques
Suppose you get an important message from your bank. You are informed your bank account had expired and your account will be locked. You get a unique phone number to call in and update your account. 
You make contact and have to endure an …

Internal Tools for Cyber Security Defenses

We must equip ourselves with the internal tools we already have in enhancing our defense. Cyber Attackers know the importance of utilizing social media to increase their chances of deceiving the unsuspecting. 
Like a contractor hired by a business to study the market for potential buyers, computer criminals spends a great deal of time phishing for those who are gullible. 
What we say or post about ourselves on social media is like them stumbling upon a treasure chest. 
Don't assume for a second this apply to just the elderly. It can happen to any group, especially college  students. Their targets varies just as much as their methods. 
For example, just over 2-years ago in Chicopee, police uncovered 30 fictitious instagram, twitter, and facebook accounts by someone or some group posing to be local lottery winner Mavis Wanczyk. It's right here
At this time, Wanczyk was the winner of …