"Cyber Attackers Impact" by Ken Harris

Can the average person fathom the magnitude of daily tactics by a cyber attacker? Do you know? Are you prepared in event a scammer tricks you into giving up personal or private information they should not have access to?

After some encouragement from friends, along with my natural desire to help others, each week, I will be sharing what I know about cyber security fraud from my experience in law enforcement, ongoing trainings, latest news happenings around the world, and interviews with experts and readers with a desire to share their feedback or suggestions.

With all that's been happening in the world, I hope this platform will be a source to help you safeguard sensitive data.

It's important to know that these cyber criminals are plotting on a regular basis to deceive unsuspecting victims in a variety ways. They typically rush you into making regrettable errors such as-

Opening an infected email attachmentSharing passwordsProviding them restricted information they SHOULD NOT h…