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Targeted Attacks

  What is Behind Online Targets Attacks?   Most recently a cyber attacker compromised a friend’s Facebook account and sent a series of odd messages enticing his followers. This can happen to anybody. Hackers can be individuals or groups who target a person or organization. Sophisticated attacks can even be orchestrated by a foreign government with a specific agenda such as political, military, or economic gain.    A lot of planning goes into this. Cyber crooks start by studying websites and social media accounts. They harvest key information, such as backgrounds, structures, acquaintances, and where the prospective target is located.   If a business or consumers phone list is accessible online, they can identify victims and their roles, including levels of management. They are keen on extracting social media profiles and data that has been publicly shared.    Afterwards, scammers identify the specific individuals to target. Like a scholar researcher, a hacker will gather all the inform
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Cyber Brats on Spondulics TV!

 Spondulics TV launches Friday, November 20, 2020.  The mission of this new FREE digital platform is to elevate financial capability for all with shows and events from content creators.  My show Cyber Brats, a half hour program where I spread cyber security awareness and scam prevention tips through puppetry, has a daily 9:30am slot.  New episodes will be available beginning each Friday! I am thrilled to have completed 8 episodes for this year to help people with safety tips in a hilarious way! Also, I plan to have a 3 part Christmas Special air on December 11th!  You don't want to miss "A Very Cyber Holiday" where I highlight the issues of Online Shopping Scams, Gift Card fraud, and Charity shams! This special is like a prequel to the existing tv series. It explains how convicted fraudster Cyber Sly changed his bad ways and become a radio talk show host.  Check out Spondulics TV at

Weak Passwords

                                                              (A scammer puppet made from scratch) "Weak Passwords" by Ken Harris   How often do you think of the significance of passwords to your personal and business accounts? Are you complacent in properly managing safeguards to crucial networks that matter to you? If none of these thoughts have no weight in your daily life, perhaps you should reconsider.    It’s actually no different than the importance of ensuring our homes are properly secured when away. A weak password is like an open door to a willing cyber thief.    Here are some basics to keep in mind about passwords.    Create a strong password by making it long. Every character makes it strong. Ensure your chosen password is difficult to guess.  Avoid using birthdate, pet names, or anything that you shared on social media.    You might consider using a paraphrase as it is one of the simplest ways to create a strong password. This is made up of many words such as, “

Cyber Brats on Spondulics TV!

(rehearsals for an upcoming episode) Hey there, I have great news! My Youtube web series, "Cyber Brats" was selected for regular programming on a new streaming TV platform called "Spondulics".  This Fall, FREE weekly 30 minute episodes of my show about cyber security awareness will be accessible on this platform on their website, Instagram, twitter, and Facebook media pages.  In addition, it can be watched from apps such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Android, and others.  I am beyond thrilled to have another avenue in our vast digital world to help spread cyber security awareness and scam prevention tips in a unique and funny way.  This is my new official logo. As you may already know, Cyber Brats, while it is family friendly, is geared towards consumers and businesses.  Cyber Brats takes place in a fictional radio station. It is hosted by Cyber Sly, a former con artist turned tech expert, and cohost Alex Midas, a former business man

Ways Fraudsters Can Fool You

Ways Fraudsters Can Fool You Thank you for visiting my blog! Here I strive to empower you with cyber security awareness and DIY puppet activities. If you find this content helpful, please sign up for my FREE monthly safety newsletter at . A segment of my web series "Cyber Brats" was recently shown at the StringsNThings virtual puppet festival from San Pedro, CA in July! Be sure to check it out above! 2019 was a profitable year for fraudsters. Nationwide, they targeted their deceptive tactics at slightly over 16 million consumers. Based on the statistics from the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft alone saw a lost of 17 billion dollars. This year, with the avalanche of the COVID-19 paralyzing our economic system, con artists has already taken advantage of cooking up new types to take advantage of the uncertainty.  Stories relating to unproven treatments, medicines, fake contact tracing agencies, and so many more

The Evolution of E-Skimming

Hi, Thank you for visiting! As a Puppeteer, Journalist, and Blogger, I strive to spread cyber security awareness and scam prevention tips in a fun way. If you haven't already, please visit my website to sign up for my FREE e-newsletter at Cyber attackers are coming up with new sophisticated ways every day to steal personal information and money from unsuspecting victims all over the world. This is evident in their tactics of e-skimming. Have you ever heard of that? Well, not too long ago, scammers planted a fraudulent device similar to the one in the picture above, at ATMS, gas pumps, and other terminals to gain access to sensitive data. Overtime, more and more consumers became aware of these ploys and learned not to fall for them. So, with the emergence of online banking, bad actors diverted their attacks to the bank institutions and retail corporations to harvest consumers account information. They do this by infiltr

Email and Phishing Scams

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here I strive to empower you with cyber security awareness and DIY puppet activities. If you find this content helpful, please sign up for my FREE monthly safety newsletter at . I just released a funny adult puppet video about a prize scam! Be sure to check it out below! Email and Phishing Scams Last year in the U.S alone, an estimated 16 million victims lost 17 billion dollars to identity theft. That’s just one type of scam.  I’m sure if AARP, the Better Business Bureau, and other organizations intended to protect the financials security of Americans, combined all their figures from reported swindles, the final tally would be mind-blowing.  Now with the COVID-19 pandemic creating fear and uncertainty everywhere, con artists are conjuring up new ways to squander people’s finances and personal information.  This gives them motivation to reach out with offers too good to be true