Sunday, March 28, 2021

Interview with a Con Artist pt 2

                                                      (locksmith Con Artist Rowdy Robbin)

The latest episode of my web series "Primetime Prevention" is now available on YouTube. This is the 2nd part of "Interview with a Con Artist". Part 1 and 2 highlights locksmith scams. Grumpy town hall host Alex Midas is dumbfounded when he learns how the convicted fraudster is using his talent to make a difference in the world. Primetime Prevention is a comedy that uses reenactments to show how scams unfold and how viewers can be vigilant. Be sure to check it out! By subscribing to my channel you will get automatic weekly notifications when a new episode is uploaded to my channel. This project is funded in part by a grant from the West Springfield Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

In other news...I just completed a short comedy film inspired by real events when I was employed as an usher in a movie theatre many many years ago. It is called, "Matinee Madness".

What would you coif you found an envelope inside a theatre with $3,000 in cash? I look forward to sharing this hilarious story with the world sometime this summer!

I had a great time talking with Adam Dinsley from the "For the Love of Nerds" podcast. This interview will be available in July and I will share it when available. I enjoyed talking about what inspires me as a puppeteer and filmmaker. 

You can always check out AARP's scam tracking map at AARP SCAM TRACKING MAP to report and learn of scams in your area. The best way to ensure your financial security is keeping yourself informed about what's going on. 

Until next time, stay safe and stay secure!

Ken Harris


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