Monday, April 19, 2021

Cyber Brats on Spondulics TV


Cyber Brats on Spondulics TV

This week on Spondulics TV, my latest episode on Cyber Brats highlights a pyramid scheme. Two bad actors devise a blessing loom where participants are encourage to gives $100 and ask others to join the circle to reap a return of $7,000. This is actually an investment fraud making the rounds on social media platforms. This is a Ponzi scam. As the circle of recruitments widens, so does the money flow and the reliance on getting others to sign up to keep the scam afloat. Check out how this goes down only on Spondulics TV, weekdays, 9:30am to 10am eastern time and replays every 6 hours. As an AARP Digital Fraud Fighter and Puppeteer, this program shows reenactments of incidents involving reported fraud. While it is funny thought puppetry and animation, the goal is to help viewers be vigilant! An FYI - on app downloads: Roku: 171 FireTV: 9 AppleTV: 6 iOS Mobile: 24 Android Mobile: 6 AndroidTV: 6

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This week on my YouTube web series, Alex Midas and Cyber Sly is on their way to a cyber security conference when an unexpected challenge derails their plans. Their rental car breaks down.

Meanwhile, the event at the hotel is underway when a Security Officer finds a stranger attempting to regain access into the building. Friend or Foe (Part 2 segment next week).

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